The history of the company and its existence is marked by certain milestones that have brought it to what it is today.

Milestones of the company

1948 – Laying of the comerstone
1950 – Starting the production of poles for high voltage and light steel constructions
1953 – Starting the production of pumps
1969 – Creation of the national company with inclusion of VHJ SIGMA Olomouc
1979 – Creation of the concern company with inclusion of SIGMA Olomouc
1990 – Dissolution of the concern SIGMA and the creation of the independent state company in Závadka nad Hronom
January 1st 1994 – Privatization by the Slovpump company
March 2nd 1999 – Continuing in the tradition of pumps produced by SLOVPUMP-TRADE, s.r.o. in Závadka nad Hronom

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